From master plan studies to studies into the technical and financial feasibility of (replacement) investments. From process optimizations and energy-saving measures to the full development and supervision of complete new construction projects. Examples of engineering: performing calculations, drawing up specifications and drawing (from concept, basic to detail level). Detail engineering (in combination with input from suppliers), the tendering process (including the technical evaluation of suppliers' offers) and implementation support (for example, coordinating contractors) are also part of our work.

Consultancy door Uticon


We go beyond technology and purposefully build on the progress of your business. That starts well before the design: in the preparatory phase you see the strength of our integrated approach. Together we go deeply into the processes where necessary: we analyse the opportunities, test your wishes and compare the options. Because we are outside the daily operation, we are able to distance ourselves and come to new insights and possibilities that we translate into efficient solutions.


The ingredients for an optimal and efficient project flow: our knowledge and experience of food, combined with specific project management skills. We manage the total project and support you from the first strategic choices until after delivery. We monitor the planning, budget, resources and scope of the project for you. Because we know what's coming (project management is our profession), we offer you a head start in efficient and professional project development.

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Interim professionals

The dynamics in the food industry requires flexibility. Our enthusiastic colleagues are a valuable extension for your team in the short or longer term. With specific knowledge and experience in food, they know how to transfer their knowledge to your team in an inspiring way.