Progress in every Process! We do promise that. Not only to our clients, but also to our employees. They are our pride and are at the center of our consultancy and engineering firm. That is why we want to get the best out of them and make optimum use of their talents. We do this with the Uticon Food Academy.

Knowledge sessions

Sharing knowledge is multiplying knowledge! Every day conscious and unconscious direct knowledge exchange takes place when colleagues work together in project teams. Meeting each other, working together, being open-minded and inspiring each other, that interaction is the power of knowledge sharing. Yet you do not always work close to each other and that is why interactive knowledge sessions are regularly organized within the framework of the Uticon Food Academy. Informing each other about project experiences, innovations, legal standards, exhibition visits, etc. Colleagues from one discipline also share knowledge with colleagues from the other discipline and guest speakers are invited who present in-depth and innovations in the field.


Education, courses and training are provided within the Uticon Food Academy to provide you with additional training to the desired level. These can be focused on discipline. Think of food technology and process technology. Or the more general topics: hygienic design (EHEDG) and project management.


Soon you can also participate in our Uticon Food Academy!

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Persoonlijke coaching Uticon Food Academy

Personal coaching

Persoonlijke coachtrajecten binnen Uticon zijn toegespitst op doelen die jij jezelf op werkvlak stelt en dragen bij aan de ontwikkeling van competenties uit onze competentiematrix. Uitgangspunten in een coachtraject zijn eigen verantwoordelijkheid, zelfsturing en het vinden van eigen oplossingen. Tijdens de sessies bespreek je met je coach je eigen specifieke probleemsituaties aan de hand van praktijkvoorbeelden. Je werkt daarbij aan praktische en passende oplossingen die meteen toegepast kunnen worden in je dagelijkse werk. Je doet het traject namelijk precies op het moment dat jij het nodig hebt.