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With over 30 years of experience, specialist in food

Uticon background

Uticon was founded in 1985. In the nineteen eighties, the French fries industry developed at a fast pace, both in the Benelux countries and on a global scale. This is the industry is which Uticon is rooted and where food became our business and our passion.

Our passion in food

Uticon manages the entire project, starting with the first strategic choices up to and including commissioning. In addition, we support our customers with high-quality technical staff on an interim basis. Added to this... we are a partner who will go beyond mere technology in our search for solutions. Together with our customers – whom we prefer to call partners – we delve deep into the processes whenever this is called for. On the other hand, because we ourselves are not affected by daily operations, we can take an overall view which enables us to work out highly effective, and sometimes surprising, solutions.  Thinking outside the box – with an open mind – often leads to fresh insights and possibilities.

Progress in every Process!

That is our commitment. Not only to our customers but to our personnel as well. Our engineering consultants are our pride and they are key to our agency. We therefore want to get the best out of them and use their talents to the maximum. And we achieve that aim by means of the Uticon Academy.

Our engineering consultants operate from our own offices in Apeldoorn, Eindhoven, Yerseke and Ghent (BE), but they may also work at our customers’ locations.

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